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Gottwald Mobile Cranes
Top of the Range Construction Tools

The Leo Gottwald KG was a company in Düsseldorf that made cranes and lifting equipment for construction and industry from 1906–1988. Since then, the company has been merged into Mannesmann, Siemens, and now Demag Holding. Today, Gottwald Port Authority GmbH focuses on cranes and transport solutions for use in ports. The production of mobile cranes was taken over by Krupp Industrie Technik, where the name Gottwald was retained as a brand.

Gottwald mobile crane models are highly sought after on the market due to their high quality and durability. Well known is the AMK series, which enjoys an excellent reputation in the heavy transport. In 1985, the Gottwald AMK 1000 was designed exclusively for the Riga construction company. This was the first telescopic crane that could lift more than 1,000 tonnes at a time.

Gottwald Mobile Cranes Set New Records

Today, Gottwald mobile cranes, especially the telescoping models and mobile lattice boom cranes, are in frequent use. The AK models such as 450 and 680 or the AMK models in series 60-1000 from the 1990s and 2000s are found on construction sites, high-rise building sites, surface mining, salvage operations and wind turbines.

The likewise well-known Gottwald AK 850/1100 GT model was the strongest and most powerful road mobile crane ever built in Europe between 1982 and 2007. To reduce the weight, the superstructure was divided to comply with road load limits.

Its load capacity reached up to 1,100 tonnes. The 10-axle mobile crane with lattice boom had a hook height of 183 metres and was especially appreciated in high-rise construction. A model is still in regular use in Australia.

Transporters for Gottwald Mobile Cranes

Gottwald even produced six-axle transport vehicles to transport the rear part of the superstructure and other parts of its heaviest mobile cranes. A nine-axle boom transporter with a special holder was designed for  the AMK 1000. This allowed the mast to be flexibly positioned when bolting, even on uneven ground.

Characteristic of Gottwald cranes are the visible boom holes that were used to clamp the boom parts during welding. These specific features still make Gottwald mobile cranes reliable tools for the most demanding transport and construction companies – even in used condition.